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Sticky Burr: Adventures in Burrwood Forest, is a full color comic for young readers, published by Candlewick Press in 2007.

The story stars Sticky Burr, a little prickly burr with a mind of his own. He has many adventures in his forest home with his friends Mossy Burr, Draffle the dragonfly, and all the other burrs. The book is illustrated with watercolors, interspersed with pages from Sticky Burr's own journal. Part picture book, part comic book, it is a unique experience aimed at young readers of all ages.

You can learn more about the story and characters, as well as the making of the book, at the Sticky Burr website.

You can also read further adventures of Sticky Burr in his very own online comic strip.

Reviews for Sticky Burr:

"Illustrated in a mix of cartoon panels and hand-lettered text, this woodsy tale is just the ticket for budding graphic-novel fans."
Kirkus Reviews

"With clean lines and understated, woodsy browns and greens, Lechner's cartoon artwork mixes multiframe spreads of Sticky on the run with pages that are meant to resemble Sticky's journal, offering background explanations about the burr way of life. Dialogue bubbles briskly move the story along, but the whimsical details will encourage kids to linger and enjoy the richly realized world on each page."Booklist

"Written in graphic-novel style, the lively and sometimes punny dialogue leads young readers through Sticky's exciting escapades... The illustrations are simple, colorful, and easy to follow."School Library Journal

"Using an outdoorsy palette, he intersperses conventional panel layout with torn pages from Sticky’s journal, set against leafy backdrops. Lechner creates an engaging nature-oriented story, alternating drolly comic moments with a surprising amount of information about life in the forest." Publisher's Weekly


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